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Inside the historic shop, located in via Rin in Livigno, there is a wide range of products.

In department appliances you will find a full range of appliances for personal care, oral care appliances, shavers, clippers, epilators, lamps and 'hair hairstyle and much more. Vacuum cleaners, irons, equipment for steam cleaning and much more.

You can also choose between several models of coffee machines and espresso to 'American, multi-purpose robots, blenders, ice makers, mixers, slicers, kettles, microwave ovens, etc.

strong point of the store are undoubtedly large appliances: a display of washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, cookers, hobs and ovens, all models are available in both versions from the free position recessed.

You will also find a wide assortment of TV, LCD and LED, hi-fi, home cinema systems, satellite and digital terrestrial decoder, and all it takes to turn your living room into a real movie theater, you will also find all cables necessary for the connection of the devices, from the traditional ones up to professional ones, with shielding and gold contacts.

For the most demanding audio video industry it is also equipped with various items such as MP3 players, mixers, CD players and DJ equipment, microphones, headphones, Multiscart units and audio-video signal transmitters.

The New Elettra is the exclusive Livigno HONEY PROFESSIONAL brand and is able to offer its customers the industrial laundry of all kinds, providing, where necessary, technical support of the Mother House.

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