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Why Livigno is a duty free zone?

How many customs has Livigno?

Livigno being in duty free zone is separated from the rest of the three customs territory. Two of these lead in Switzerland and one in Italy.
The Italian is on the pitch Foscagno on highway 301 that leads to the neighboring Valdidentro and then in Bormio and Valtellina. The pass is open all year.
The two Swiss are in opposite position with respect to one another.
To the south, in the direction of Val Poschiavo and the Bernina Pass is the Forcola pass with relative customs authorities, and is open only in the summer months, usually from end of May until end of October but these dates are dependent on weather conditions and every year can be brought forward or delayed.
To the north however, along the Spol river, it is the customs of the Gallo step that leads to the Ofen Pass from which you will reach the upper Vinschgau Valley on one side and the other Engadine. The transition from this dogana involves crossing a private tunnel fee called Tunnel Munt La Schera. This step is open all year.
Recall that in order to cross these customs, you need a photo ID.