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Wellness, relaxation, beauty and health are the ideal solutions, only for your remise en form !!
In our center Wellness- Spa will treat you to the path sauna, tropical shower, tub in the pair of alpine flowers fragrant oil.
- Massage with hot lava stones, chocolate, honey Tibetan, grapes, spices, yogurt and others
- Facial treatments, cellulite body olive oil, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, rejuvenating, ayurveda
- Beauty, purifying compresses
- Therapy "Medline" with MRI system to stimulate / produce energy flows in the body
- Cure: Bathrooms - Wraps - Massage Specific
- Wellness: Lily with water splashing and tropical mist
- Bathroom turkish steam 40 ° - 45 ° - Finnish Sauna 75 ° - 85 ° - Sauna health
- Whirlpool in pairs
- Relaxation area
- Herbal baths scented
- Water Aerobics (groups only)
- Mud health with drying cabin (treatment paired with or without operator)

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