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Why Livigno is a duty free zone?

What can you buy in Livigno?

In theory you can buy anything in Livigno, there is a limit, however, to exports. These are the limits for the categories of duty free goods on which there is a great saving compared to the rest of Europe.

All the indicated amount of per person:

Cigarettes: 200 pieces (a splint)
Cigars: 50 pieces
Tobacco: 250 grams
Alcoholic beverages over 20 °: 1 liter
Alcoholic beverages of less than 20 °: 2 liters
still wines: 4 liters
Beer: 16 liters
Gasoline or diesel: full control over a 10-liter fuel tank of the same vehicle
Sugar: 10 kg
Coffee: 2 kg
Products meat or milk: 5kg
Perfume: 400 ml

For everything else the limit exportable from Livigno to Italy is 300 euros per adult and 150 euros for children under 15. Moving on to Switzerland on exportable limit is 300 francs per person.
Note that these values ​​are not cumulative, which means that 3 people in the same car can not export a product from 900 euros but only 3 products from 300 euros at the most.