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What is the name of the river and Livigno?

The main river that flows along the Livigno valley is called Spoel of the country and along its route collects the waters of the many streams that come from the side valleys. Here are some of the main streams in the Livigno dialect called Rin:
Rin from Vac
Rin dali Mina
Rin da Rin
The peculiarity of the waters of Livigno is to be part of the Danube Basin. The Spoel is in fact one of the very few Italian rivers that not ends up in the Mediterranean but in the Black Sea after being thrown into the Inn near Zernez and then into the Danube at Passau in Germany.
with the construction of the Swiss dam but in the territory of Livigno of the 60 municipality, the power companies of the time agreed to transfer 90 million cubic meters of water per year towards the reservoir Cancano and let everything else fill the lake of Livigno. For this purpose they were built several tunnels to transport water and you can see still at work all closed in the main streams.