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"SmokeHouse Livigno" is proposed as a reference for local residents and tourists who want to get closer to this big world in constant evolution, or for those who wish to take the opportunity of tax-free prices to bring their own and-sig to a better level having always certified products, backed with e-liquid production Italian.
SmokeHouse Livingo born as a reference for the beginner SVAPO but right now aims to have branded products and quality that guarantee the end user the best value for money and the best feeling SVAPO.
The experience in the field of electronics has helped us to better understand the pros and cons of various hardware products aiming to choose a good level. The proof is the range of products we deal with: ProVape, Innokin, Sigelei, Vision, Kanger, ...
The same experience has given us the option to expand our work not only selling but also servicing and repair of certain types of products (especially Big Battery).

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